How has Blockchain technology affected the marketplace?

There is a steep growth on the Internet and emerging technologies with an incredible amount of impact on the traditional marketing mix, which zeroes in on around the product, its price, the place, and its promotion. Advanced technologies known as big data analytics allow their firms to average out the large and complex data using them in their analytical charts to attract more consumer insights. Similarly, retailers and online business marketers have spread out on social media to promote their marketing strategies. There is an increased development among people worldwide who prefer to do online shopping rather than physically purchase.

Blockchain technology is a new trend across the world; people already like it.

What Is Blockchain Marketing?

The primary foundation of blockchain technology is namely transparency, security, and accessibility. These three main features can stir the whole marketing arena. Blockchain marketing is a new way of advertising and marketing environment. The customers buy and put forth their data undeviatingly to marketers and sponsors, not third-party vendors. Social media apps have become the new-age marketing arena where customers directly buy and sell goods from brands. Blockchain technology works as the direct link between consumers and brands.

There is no inclusion of any middle man in between, so there is no involvement of sharing profit, giving out discounts, or any fraudulent happening in between. The social site apps like Facebook and Instagram collect data by tracking user activity, but the resulting information is low quality.

How does Blockchain affect marketing?

The most crucial objective of blockchain technology is to block the middle manship that happens everywhere. The involvement of any third party means an additional cost or cutting out of the profit to serve. But with the new emerging technology, there is a cut in the middlemen business helping in an increased profit margin. These social media campaigns are generally low-budgeted and more accurate. This way, proprietors target the general public and consumers without much of the spending. Blockchain technology has the power to reduce the chances of fake ad clicks or bot views.

Blockchain and its various ways to change the Marketing scenario:

Experts think Blockchain is going to bring some drastic changes to digital advertising. The staff will pay the consumers for their advertising data, making the marketers use obscuring more accurate data to accurately leverage this data to push targeted advertising at an individual level.

  1. Independent Marketing Zones-
    Blockchain technology gives the consumers the power to extract data themselves rather than depending upon the social media sites or any other third-party vendor. That means consumers will be given compensation directly for viewing ads and acquiring the data.
  2. The efficient Reliability of Marketing-
    The main advantage of Blockchain is that it has created transparency surrounding everything, be it obscuring the raw materials to getting it manufactured or delivering the same. The process has become quite transparent, leading to more profits, minor frauds, and the consumers getting more benefits.

  3. The rates Ads are cheaper-
    With basically no involvement of any middle man, the cost of digital advertising is reduced. It’s now basically between the brands, consumers, and the profit, so the involvement of any middlemen has made the process a lot more accessible, accurate, and cheaper.

The emergence of Blockchain Technology-

With the emergence of Blockchain technology, there are significant changes in the market system across the world. With the no involvement of any middlemen, the process has become more accurate and trouble-free. The majority of the trend adopters are youngsters who have shown a keen interest in technology. When the regular update interface improves and decentralized applications become more accessible, it will attract more consumers. Apart from the USA, UK Asia too is showing keen interest in this new technology.

Ideas To getting Benefits From Blockchain Technology:

Apart from all the benefits that one sees, there is a significant roadblock that is Cryptocurrencies. It is a new concept hence the public understanding it will take some time. It takes a lot of time from investing in Bitcoin to carrying forward with the result. It isn’t effortless for the consumers to download an app, create a wallet, send money from their bank account, wait for it to come, and finally trade it for a Bitcoin. Countries have been quite successful in Cryptocurrencies, but a country like India will take some more time to settle in. Blockchain Technology is here to stay with a steep low in traditional businesses and the sudden move towards online sales going rampantly. The process of digitizing assets and automatic processes seems more reliable, seamless, and less friction.

Few clear benefits that are taken out of the new emerging technology-

  • Reliability-
    Blockchain has made the whole business process so transparent that the consumers and companies have this immense trust and reliability between them. There is dealing with data sharing and monetary transactions, but it becomes elementary due to the belief and reliability factor. Blockchain has facilitated Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies where the involved persons are not directly connected yet they share data and continue transactions.
  • High-End security and privacy-
    The main concern of business heads and people involved are the concerns about privacy and security. So the involvement of anonymizing data and following end-to-end encryption of data kills the possibility of any fraudulent activities. The data is stored in multiple networks, which makes it very hard for hackers to hack.
  • Fewer Costs-
    Blockchain technology has cut down the cost process vividly. It only facilitates efficient transactions. With the cutdown of intermediaries and extra charges in the whole process, the savings has increased drastically. Not a penny extra is spent somewhere without reason.
  • Quick Delivery-
    The transactions now are faster without any hurdles. With new innovative ways of payment, transactions have become much easier and quicker, cutting down the time taking. This part is one of the benefits which attracts more consumers.
  • Immutability
    Immutability means that once you record a transaction, it can’t be changed or deleted. Blockchain technology has its time-stamped and date-stamped transactions, so there’s a permanent record that people can’t change in additional time. The data, once entered, is to be there for the end of time.
  • Personalization of data-
    Blockchain technology updates users to have total control over their digital data. The consumers are solely responsible and own what kind of data they want to share it not. This benefit has made the whole process for the consumers so easy that they don’t think twice before involving themselves.
  • Tokenization
    Tokenization is when the range of an asset is converted into a digital token recorded and shared through blockchain technology. Tokenization is the new viral process that has caught the eye of the netizens. This part is a stress-free and hassle-free process.
  • Summation
    There is already a big buzz around BlockChain technology in the market, but with a few years down the lane, the world would know the importance of Blockchain Technology. This technology is undoubtedly the modern-day solution to most technical issues.


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