How OXYGEN OS is becoming popular in the global market?

When the world is attracting towards iOS and android, OXYGEN OS is also making itself fit into the global market. Mobile users find interesting stuff in OXYGEN OS, which gives them a better gaming experience, good quality video streaming with multiple other features. One Plus mobile company provides you with their devices with inbuilt OXYGEN OS that enhances your experience with better options than any other OS. This includes multiple features like work-life balance, Smart SMS app, caller identification app, and OnePlus roaming app. These features enable users to avoid third-party apps for their mobile phones, and they can enjoy all the services without using extra storage of their phones. Let’s talk one by one about these features of OXYGEN OS.

Work-Life Balance

If you are using One Plus devices, you can segregate all the work stuff and personal stuff on your phone. It is customizable, and users can plan something for their work and personal times. They can simply put aside some of the apps that can affect work time. The gamification method gives you complete data of any app use.

Smart SMS App

The users can get the filters on the SMS by their phones. It depends on the content in the SMS, and the smart SMS app filters crucial texts on the message, which saves you from reading the complete description of the SMS.

Caller Identification feature

One of the common feature every person use for their call data. Nowadays, Truecaller is the leading caller identification app that provides caller details while engaging on the phone. OXYGEN OS has the inbuilt caller identification app that shows the popups on the screen when the user gets some unknown calls on their phone.

OXYGEN OS is making its place in everyone’s mind. Its features are unique in some aspects, and users find interesting stuff on One Plus devices.


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