Human argumentation and its applications

Human augmentation, in general, means the enhancement of human beings technologically to improve their capabilities and efficiency. These are used through the biological mode and are commonly used in mental, physical, and reproductive health sectors. Human argumentation includes invasive and non-invasive procedures. In the invasive method, a digitally controlled device or technology takes human actions far from what can be imagined, requiring a proper biological operation. In non-invasive methods commonly used by most of us in the form of wearable devices, digital gadgets, and many other well-known products used in a daily device. This form of human argumentation is easy, low-priced, and safer to use. We are the people of modern times who require advancement in every aspect of their life at any cost. No doubt this attitude of ours has taken us to high success, but as we use technology, it too impacts our health and lifestyle. But anyways the science and our brains have also made it possible to come out of those with healthy habits and use the modern living trend. So here are how we could use human argumentation for our betterment:

How human argumentation is applied today
Firstly we would notice that the health or the medication department in which the human argumentation has a wide variety of usage, be in for the particular chemical that has to be consumed for a long time to bring unusual changes in our body, which is not possible normally without taking the dedicated medicine, through the installation of implants to develop a particular trait, character, or capability, which is done by a body through the medical operation. Apart from this, if we look around ourselves, several arguments help us enhance ourselves in the forms of smartphones, binoculars, microphones, glasses, and many more.

And it is in recent days, this process of argumentation of human beings has entered into non-invasive methods. This process has also shown safe and effective results, making most scientists and doctors excited about this process. This can bring tremendous change to our society, and humans could do innumerable actions, which was a dream for them once upon a time. Applications of human argumentation can be done externally, chemically, and by physical operations; and these are the following ways which are commonly used in today’s date;

  • Eight: It is like a boon to blind people as it has the features of the environmental display to a blind person. These glasses are worn by a person who can’t allow the individual to view and experience the world’s color. A camera provides information about the quality of the product that it sees and then deposits it on the screen of the glasses. It is very similar to eyeglasses having lifetime software upgrades to increase its quality and efficiency with time. It also has a TV kit and table splitters, and a lens prescribed and customized by the user.
  • Cochlear: This is somewhat similar to the previous device, which is used by the incapables. And this is a great idea to give them a ray of hope and help them enjoy their life to the fullest. This is not a device that needs to be worn, nor does it require visualization like reading lips, Brailey script to read from. Besides this, it lets you know where it comes from and allows you to listen through a noisy environment. It also gives you a natural experience of listening to the very common surroundings and helps you listen to shows and entertain yourself.
  • Translational tools: These are the high-quality transitional devices that everyone could use. It is very comfortable to be worn with excellent antenna strength. It has 3 different modes: listening, converse, and lecture, making it easier to use. This device holds the capability to translate 42 dialects and 2p different languages. This works with both ios and Android setups and comes up with 6 hours of battery life.
  • Artificial blood cells: This device can save several lives by maintaining blood pressure and continuously producing blood cells. It can help in regeneration and be of great use during medical problems.
  • Tesla suit: It is the all-new advanced wearable clothing having various features such as increasing and decreasing the temperature at a particular area or the whole body. It also has a feature to track the user’s movement and provides haptic feedback, and is also used in VR immersions recently.
  • Brain-computer interfaces: This is an amazing device that is a must-have for app developers and coders. It helps an individual communicate to a computer, device, or gadget just by thinking the phrases in your mind. The BCI has a high chance of being successful. The most important part is that it allows us to give information or messages to execute and helps humans receive some information and products back from the computer. This also increases the chances of a dream come true to even control the gadgets just by our senses. And now the rest depends on advancement and luck.
  • Flyboard Air: This is a type of turboprop board that holds the capacity of unprecedented movements. It is the most compact aircraft ever and has control, stabilization systems, and propulsion properties. This works with full security of aviation and can be a great adventure and be the best product for army purposes.

Science and advancement change our society and our way of living and physical and mental being. And the statement is proven by human augmentation, which has diversification in unexpected ways, including medical uses and daily uses. The future is even more exciting and joyful. The chances of success in these features are high, creating a life of dreams in recent days. Until then, we should live in such an advanced time and patiently wait for future innovations in argumentation.


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