Is NaaS an effective solution?

Have you ever heard of cloud computing? Yes, that is a very common terminology in the modern era with all the advancements in digital technology. Cloud Computing refers to the service that enables an entire ecosystem with the memory, storage, and all other necessary software for the application to reside. Cloud computing has enabled small organizations to be as technically efficient as the big MNCs. It has created a revolution in the IT sector by transforming the company into cost-effective, technically advanced. It has also enabled them to focus on the core and important sectors instead of discussing petty problems that can easily be outsourced via cloud computing. Cloud Computing has become the buzz of every town with its immense importance and easy affordability and availability at the tip of the finger. Cloud computing has majorly four categories like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), software as a Service (SaaS), and Network as a Service (NaaS).

What is NaaS?
NaaS stands for the network as a Service which means providing a network infrastructure to the third party to the users who are not interested and are not having enough or not capable enough of creating their application. The Network as a Service provides datacentre connectivity, bandwidth on demand, wide area network connectivity, and various other applications, which provide many unexpected advantages and save time for the users. It can be very useful for the wide arena of people involved in the IT sector. It also includes the use of a protocol that is Open Flow for the network virtualization.

Features of NaaS
The features of NaaS are:

  1. The Network as a Service enables the customer to browse the internet directly, safely, and securely. Moreover, this enables the customer to follow the protocols and also run the custom routing protocols.
  2. Consumers are usually interested in focusing on their core business development rather than focusing on Infrastructure related problems. The NaaS provides the opportunity to the users through the virtual network service provider.
  3. It helps the users save and conserve their money and physical costs like hardware resource cost and input device cost which otherwise they had to bear; if not, they had a virtualized platform.
  4. Usually, it isn’t easy to access the data when one is not in front of a computer or PC. But now, with the help of NaaS, the user has access to the data stored in the virtualized network and can find it out from anywhere at any time just by having an Internet connection.
  5. The Network as a Service provides the facility of time conservation as most of the tasks are delegated, and the data can easily be accessed and does not need regular maintenance. Thus, the business focuses on core activities, and the business grows.
  6. The SD-WAN facilitates the enabling and easy management of the NaaS model.

Requirement of NaaS

  • The first and the foremost requirement is scalability and the multi-tenancy isolation, which means that the network as a Service (NaaS) should support multiple applications running simultaneously that are too ignorant of each other that means without interfering in the working process of each other and provide best customer experience.
  • The names should be a high-level programming model and should not be fully complex for the users to access. It should be user-friendly.
  • The DC hardware brings along a huge deal of investment which is not affordable by most. Thus, the NaaS now integrates with the DC hardware and helps users afford it through community networking.

Advantages of the NaaS system
Following are some of the best benefits one can receive by incorporating NaaS system into your business organization

  1. Significant cost reductions
    One of the foremost advantages of using a NaaS system is the significant reduction of costs incurred. By opting for these cloud services, the customers can save themselves from the various costs involved in installing their private networks. It eliminates the cost of setting up IT infrastructure, hardware installation, maintenance, and several other costly matters.
  2. Increased efficiency
    No one can refuse that technology plays a significant role in working any business in the present world. It can easily eliminate, simplify or perform any tasks involved in the work process. This will save the businesses their valuable resources and make the whole process more efficient. Similarly, connecting the manufacturing to the various facilities helps the businesses increase their operational efficiency.
  3. Increased productivity of the employees
    We all know that maintaining and running IT-related services requires huge resources, great skills, and time. As a business needs to focus on its core operations, it is difficult for the managers to manage and run the IT department. With the NaaS system integrated into the business, all such hassles are eliminated, and the employees can focus on other important tasks.
  4. Offers a high degree of flexibility
    The services of NaaS can be easily optimized according to the client’s unique requirements. Various customization can be done in the system through software only. This adjustment can enhance the overall user experience and serve them the best according to their needs.
  5. Enhanced security
    With data theft becoming one of the most serious issues in the IT world, people are now highly concerned regarding the security they are offered towards this. And the system is a highly secured and private network service and provides the best security and secrecy to all sensitive data. Malware protection, identity-based firewalls, and regular network monitoring are strong barriers to cyber-attacks and data theft.

The architecture of the NaaS
The NaaS architecture consists of:

  • Bandwidth- On- Demand 🡪 : The capacity can be assigned depending on the nodes and users and the node’s traffic demand.
  • Virtual Private Network 🡪 enables the host computer to send and receive data across a secured shared private network and public internet.
  • Mobile Network Virtualisation 🡪 network operator creates and handles the software, and then it is sold to an outside party.

The NaaS as the modern, efficient solution- a larger vision
To tackle problems like traditional networking tricks, meta NaaS designed a global overlay especially for the enterprises to connect to the local PoPs (Point of Presence) and serve as a private WAN. Traditional Network required the user to be present near the service provider’s location, and there was a center where data storage and management took place. Still, now with the virtualization feature of NaaS, the user can access the data from the community network without interruption lying down in his comfy couch. Therefore the NaaS is efficient as well as effective too.


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