New Drone policy announced by Aviation Ministry of GoI – reduced compliance burden

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India has released more liberalised drone rules on the 26th of August 2021. The government has eased many rules on the use of unmanned aircraft in India. The reduced compliance requirements and entrance barriers will definitely boost the start-up ecosystem. It will empower the innovative youth power of India to build innovative businesses leveraging this opportunity.
A set of new rules were announced by the government on 15th July and comments were invited from stakeholders and the industry. The new drone rule clarifies on following aspects:

  • Ownership of commercial and private drones in India
  • Drone weight classification into five weight categories – three categories as per the type of aircraft and three subcategories based on a pilot system
  • Drone usage and approvals – no permission required in the green zones of airspace map.
  • Fees reduced to nominal levels and not related to the size of the drone.
  • An interactive airspace map will be displayed on a digital sky platform showcasing red, yellow, and green zones.
  • Push for Made in India technologies and Indian regional navigation satellite systems.
  • Regulation for existing drones – drone training and examination by authorised drone schools.
  • significantly reduced compliances and approvals.

Relaxation of old rules and the introduction of new rules for civilian drone usage in India is a huge policy shift and can offer tremendous benefits to all sectors and industries. This policy shift can improve the reach and ease of use of drones in remote areas of India. This can help create many new jobs and contribute to economic growth in various sectors like agriculture, transportation, surveillance, defence, law enforcement, mining, geo-spatial mapping, infrastructure, emergency response, etc.



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