PEO Services

The advantages of a full-service HR department with the reliable PEO / EOR partner.

Get a committed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) team that is accomplished at providing comprehensive HR, talent and compliance services. Our suite of PEO services leverages powerful technology solutions and data-driven insights to get you the right results.

How can PEO / EOR help your business?

A Professional Employer Organization partners with your company to manage HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Compliance so that you can concentrate on your business goals while we be the employer of records. You get integrated and cost-effective administration services that offer peace of mind and growth. For businesses that don’t have the HR expertise or systems capabilities, hiring a PEO service provider would be the smartest choice to make.

Our PEO Services

Legacies Techno’s team of PEO experts will offset the burden of HR-related tasks for small and medium businesses that are in growth mode. We are like your HR department but without the unnecessary overheads. We get you the best insurance, offer the finest benefits, make you compliant with the local laws, and many more.

Payroll & Tax Filing

We process your payroll, and at times, can pay your local, state and federal government taxes. Our experts ensure error-free calculation of salaries, bonuses, incentives, tax deductions, and other payroll-related activities.


When you have employees across the world, keeping your organization compliant with all the HR processes can be a nightmare. By partnering with us, you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Benefits Administration

Our adeptness at handling employee benefits such as insurance, paid day-offs, retirement benefits, perks, etc., makes your HR administration a smooth affair.

Talent Management

Legacies Techno’s end-to-end talent management services like employee training, recruitment, strategic hiring, performance management, enable seamless operations and a delightful work environment.

HR Support

In addition to providing HR services and support, if you already have an in-house HR team, our PEO team partners to offer strategic and administrative assistance.

Reduce Risks

We help our clients start their business operations India without any delays or the headache of building a complete legal entity at the outset.

Why hire Legacies Techno for PEO services?

Our PEO services empower your organization with robust and powerful employee tools that make talent management a simple affair. You have put in a lot of effort to get your company to where it is right now, do not fret over anything HR-related, offload it to us, and we will take care of it.
Focus on your core competencies while we run critical and strategic HR management on behalf of your business. No matter which industry you operate in, our PEO services will add value to your bottom line, directly and indirectly.

Our Recent Clients

If you are looking to get PEO HR solutions for your organization, get in touch with our team here. Let us show you how exactly our PEO services can add value to your business.

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