Solar facilities need better analysis for a clean environment.

Sun is an infinite energy source, and it requires no attention to understand how vast the scope is to extract energy from sunlight. For the daily commute, fax, and food, we need one or another form of energy. Wherever we look at we walkthrough, we look at a different source of energy.

It could be limited or could be limitless, and it could either be recyclable or could not be. But we still need all of them for the wellness of humanity. We use mostly Electric, or we can say hydro or air generated energy, and for engines we use fuel, but nowadays we live in electric generation.

Sun is an unlimited source of energy.
We need water resources like the ocean, dam, or a stream with a heavy passing current for hydropower plants. We need an open field for the Airpower plant, and near a specific pole, the air stream is high where the windmill rotates at its best. And for both of them, we need a specific environment.

The hydropower plant is the most convenient source of income and the easiest way to extract energy for Electricity providers. But Sunlight falls on every corner of the world, and there are countries where the sun never sets to exist.

Sunlight appears in photo packs which are a very efficient source of energy. We all have seen solar panels are being implemented all over the globe rapidly due to their cost-effectiveness and recycling abilities. The panels not only are easily convertible but also come in different sizes.

How to Convert Sunlight into a source of electricity?

  • Solar panels mainly have 4 parts, A gold plate, A silver plate, wires, and a large battery to store the sunlight as charged electron and a charge controller.
  • We have to install the panel over a rooftop or wherever the best sunlight we can get. The sunlight falls on the panel.
  • The silver plate is connected to the cathode, and the gold plate is connected to the anode or vice versa.
  • Then the sunlight and the plates react and form electricity, and then it goes through the charge controller where it converts into a suitable charge and goes to the parallel plates cell or the batter where it is stored as dc electricity.
  • Nowadays, inverters in the market reconvert the dc charge as Ac and become more suitable for highly efficient works.

Initiatives to maintain solar energy as the prime source
Due to the increase in pollution and population, many countries are going green by taking many initiatives for solar energy plants. Governments and their organizations are giving subsidies over planting solar panels over houses and offices.

The Seto-like organizations are guiding and encouraging youths over solar research. Govt. and private organizations need to focus on increasing marketing about the benefits of installing solar panels and should literate people about how to get access to it.

Students must research metals that could be used in the system except for Gold and Silver so that even the B.P.L. public can install them from a rural area. The more the literacy will be more the safer human consciousness is.

Brands like Tata and Ntpc are also investing heavily in solar research to lead us to an age of large energy-centric freedom. We must acknowledge our engineers who are investing their time going to rural areas to show their engineering samples and convince people to attach to a solar power resource and how fruitful it is. In the next 20 years, the world will be different through the visions of solar researchers.

Some cons come with solar panels, too, like it is not cent percent reliable and has a high capital cost in the initial phase. The efficiency is not so good compared to other resources. The energy balance is not optimal.

It takes a large area for a good solar energy reservoir in its current state. But with time, eventually, all of these issues will be diminished. Then the only issue will be whether dependency as per efficiency rate.

It comes with pros like it is a highly renewable source of energy, reduces electricity bills, nearly needs no maintenance, and hardly costs anything after the installation compared to big electric transformers. It could be personal and could be installed separately for beach houses.

Every provider has thought over this topic for years, but nobody has put a hard stepping stone so far. It will take another decade to create a dent in the system to lean towards a Solar power system. There are chances that even the vehicles will be solar power operated in the future.

But it needs to be revised over the thought and the cost. The grasping capacity of a general public must enhance with time to adapt it easily. A U.S. org has purposed a module of a 400-megawatt solar model, and the Govt. is also providing as much help as possible to make it happen. It will light up a whole city under no stress at all.


With time humans evolved into a species with the most optimism and advancements. The first vast change in human civilization was the foundation of flame, and now we are also leading ourselves to where we are generating electricity by using photovoltaic solar panels.

It is remarkable how science has lead us where we never thought we could be. Someday, this will lead us to a future where we need to invest less in hydro reservoirs, store more solar energy in summers, and use it throughout the year. Sooner or later, human civilization may win over its theory of saving and replicating a sun too.


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